OmniCuff Meal Kit
OmniCuff Meal Kit
OmniCuff Meal Kit
OmniCuff Meal Kit
OmniCuff Meal Kit
OmniCuff Meal Kit
OmniCuff Meal Kit

OmniCuff Meal Kit

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Quick Release Clamp

Select your size using our size chart for appropriate hand adapter size. 

The OmniCuff meal comprises of all of the standard eating utensils including:

  • Adjustable fork
  • Adjustable Spoon
  • Cup Holder
  • Vertical Knife
  • Large Carousel Basemount
  • Optional quick release clamp for clamping onto a wheelchair, bedside table or other surface. 
  • Hand Adapter. This piece goes around the users hand and is needed to operate the system. If you already have an adapter, you do not need a separate one for the kit. Please see instructions for more information. 

The device requires uses to pivot away from object with one and a half pounds of force. The combination of the magnetic and mechanical latch allows easy pivoting on and off the device, but a secure connection when using a connector. 

We offer a 30 day free refund or free exchange of another device or size. We also offer a 90 day warranty on all devices. If you would like a return, exchange or need support with your device please email

Magnetic Field Warning:

The Hand Adapter and Connectors within the OmniCuff product line utilize high strength magnets. Under the guidance of the FDA, please keep any device that creates a magnetic field at least 6 inches away from electronic implanted medical devices. This includes but is not limited to pacemakers, implantable defibrillator, loop recorders, and other electronic implanted devices. If you have an implanted electronic medical device, please talk to your medical provider before using OmniCuff. 

In stock items ship within a week. Preorders ship within a month.

Learn how to use OmniCuff.

Click below to go to the "how to" and see a step by step guide on setup and instructions.