Our Story

Welcome to Reachable Technology! I'm Will Muter, founder of ReachAble Technology and research professional in spinal cord injury. My journey in this field has not only been a professional endeavor but also a personal quest to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those with grasping difficulties.

During my years in clinical research and through my involvement with organizations around Boston, I noticed a recurring challenge. Many people with grasping difficulties were still relying on the universal cuff, a device limited by its design, allowing only similarly sized objects to be used and creating a dependency on others for simple tasks.

It was through my friendship with Sammy, an individual who used a universal cuff, that I truly understood the depth of this challenge. Sammy's wish to independently hold a cup without relying on caretakers was a turning point. This need sparked the idea for a more versatile assistive device.

Utilizing the potential of 3D printing and a magnetic latch, the Omni device was born. This innovative tool allowed Sammy to attach and detach a cup independently, marking the first successful application of what would become a life-changing technology.

Together with Sammy, we spent countless hours refining Omni. Each iteration brought us closer to a device that was not only functional but also empowering.

The realization that Omni could aid many others led to the founding of Reachable Technology LLC. Our mission became clear: to develop and provide assistive technology that fosters independence and improves daily life.

Our involvement in an MIT and NSF incubator was instrumental. It helped us validate the needs of people who traditionally used universal cuffs and guided our development process.

Our research opened the doors to a revolutionary system. We developed a versatile adapter that maintains the simplicity of the universal cuff but offers the freedom to connect, use, and disconnect from a variety of everyday items.

Today, ReachAble Technology stands as a beacon of innovation and independence in the assistive technology world. We are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with upper extremity challenges and continue to explore new frontiers in assistive solutions.

Join us on this journey. Explore our products, share your stories, and be a part of a community that believes in turning challenges into opportunities. Together, we can reach new heights of independence and empowerment.

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